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Market Update 01. 03. 2021

Good morning everyone! Hope you all had an amazing weekend. Here is a quick read out on markets. Obviously we had a lot of action in bond this week and yields were flying higher and stocks were freaking out. So what does this all mean? What's the context of this all?

So let me give you a little perspective here. First obviously the action has been incredibly choppy in February. Quick snap selloffs the we had the program buying coming back. I mean the structures have been quite identical each day. A classic head and shoulders pattern kinda topping out and then we had closed the month with a massive selloff pointing out a long rejection on the monthly candle.

Obviously lots of two-way action and very tricky to navigate through from a trading perspective so what I wanted to do is kind of keep you abreast of some of the key things I've been pointing out in public in our market blog section on the website just kind of follow through up on those high level items if you want more details obviously we have market services and market videos where I go through the technical's in detail either weekly or on a daily basis so let's put this in perspective why did we close down on the month or not down for the month but at least had us another sell-off into the tail end of the month well it's one of the things I've been talking about the massive liquidity injections that we've had over the last year just propelled everything vertically higher.