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Market Update 30. 04. 2021

What is going on in our markets right now?

Financials have seen quite a good green week. $SPX continues to reach record highs. Meanwhile …all are thriving as our growth stocks, beautiful beloved growth - the companies that are going to take us into the next chapter of our story. The indexes, these new coins, are all just scapegoats disguised as “assets” and “opportunities”.

So what are we looking at next on the upcoming trade week?

Banknifty did see a good run marking the month's expiry opening level as a powerful support. A decent average gain of 3,000 pts on the index did leave us a lot of opportunities, uncertainty, and volatility. Certainly, I would say may a short-term pullback towards the 32879/32435 zone could create new buying opportunities before heading to higher levels. Any significant dip of more than 200 points is a buying opportunity for Nifty as well. I also came across some news that India opens up vaccination for age groups of 18-years above.

Tomorrow Reliance Industries will also be declaring results. Corporate results are helping the markets. Current uncertainty has definitely caused a large negative impact making situations really uncomfortable. People have started to get cautious with capital and investments. While yes, you may preserve your capital for now or you may make a short-term lottery ticket gain, the real money will be made by those investing where the opportunity is. The future. I mean work smarter not harder, right?